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Forget the f*ckboys, boring boxes of chocolates and tacky teddy bears because we are SO OVER getting gifts we
don't want on Valentine's Day. Give us new garms so we can feel good and TAKE US OUT. Whether it's out with your gals, guys or bae,
it's time to be seen and look good doing it! Get it right this Valentine's and shop In The Style.

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  • Sarah profile image

    Like Sarah, you've got NO time for f*ckboys. You're too busy with your best babes and LIVING your best life.

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  • Charlotte profile image

    Like Charlotte, your WhatsApp is on fiyahhh but f*ck the admirers because a box of chocolates just won't do.

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  • Olivia profile image

    Olivia fell straight into that d*ck sand and looks like you did too! Celebrate with your new boo this year but look killer doing it.

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  • Binky profile image

    All coupled up like our babe Binky? Romance isn't dead but roses are. Keep those couple goals up bae.

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  • Billie profile image

    Valentine's veteran like Billie? Doesn't mean you can't enjoy it! Time to get glammed and go out – no staying in for you this year!

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No f*ck boys

It's time to put Tinder down! Face it babe, it's full of f*ckboys and you're never gonna find Mr. Right ...just Mr. Right Now. We've got Insta-Queen Sarah on the case to show you how to spot a f*ckboy and make sure you swipe left before it's too late. Avoid the dating dramz and head out with your girls for a night with more wine and less whine in an outfit that slays.

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Got wannabe baes sliding into your DM's? Your WhatsApp looking LIT AF as you leave them on read? Keep 'em hanging babe cause you're not about those basic boxes of chocolates this V-Day. You're only going to settle for the best! Take some tips from our babe Charlotte on playing the player at their own game to get exactly what you want.

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No care Bear

Has Cupid hit you hard, honey? Whether you're embracing the d*ck sand or looking for an escape-route ASAP, our lush love expert Liv has got you sorted! Ditch the basic b*tch teddy bears and get yourself lookin' glam AF on Valentine's. This boy is about to know your worth, boo! Pull up a chair and take some tips from the diva of the d*ck sand herself.

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Roses are Dead

If it's a bouquet of roses, we don't want it! Keep those couple goals alive babe ‘cause roses might be dead but romance isn't. Light up the night with your partner in crime and make this V-Day date night divine. Take notes from Binky on how to keep it fiery AF this V-Day.

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Netflix = no chill

You may be used to Valentine's with your main honey, but that doesn't mean you can't spice it up this year ...even if the fam is involved. Swerve the Netflix and pizza and feel like the true queen you are – what better way to celebrate V-Day? Take it from our wifey for lifey Billie, who knows a thing or two about the ultimate Valentine's with bae.

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